D’Metris was born in Key West, FL but grew up in Daytona Beach, FL. Before she was even tall enough to reach the counter, she could be found in the kitchen watching her grandmother with curious eyes. She took note of “G-Ma’s” use of a pinch of this and a taste of that, which laid the foundation to her future success. 


Having no formal experience, D’Metris relied on her culinary palate and passion for food to lead her towards delicious culinary concoctions. Seeking inspiration from her creative genius, hit television shows and everyday occurrence, she has made it a mission to satisfy tummies and taste buds alike with exhilarating flavors; without sacrificing the foundation…her roots. 


D’Sserts and D’Sserts Etc. began as mere ideas in 2011. However, constant coaxing and guinea pigging of family and friends have allowed both ideas to finally flourish into fruition in 2014. Each morsel is crafted with the highest quality of ingredients, topped off with a pinch of care and a taste of love. D’Metris hopes that you conjure images of a simpler time with grandmother with every bite…

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